Ionic White 21 minutes to whiter teeth
Ionic White Tooth Whitening System

The Ionic White gels, when combined and activated with the Ionic White light, lift years of stain right off the enamel of your teeth to make them whiter. Look younger and more vibrant with a flawless smile! The Ionic White system is easy to use and is completely painless. And don’t worry about having sensitive teeth after an application. Ionic White uses no harsh chemicals!

Reveal whiter teeth in just 21 minutes and maintain it easily with the “Stay White” spray for a great-looking smile weeks down the road.

  • Ionic White Light
  • Teeth Whitening Gel x3
  • Teeth Whitening Gel Accelerator x3
  • Teeth Whitening Rinse
  • Teeth Whitening Rinse Accelerator
  • Bonus Dr. Collins Toothpaste Sample
  • Ionic White Results
    New Improved Formula!
    The standard strength in Ionic White's Gel sold in Australia is 3%. Our kits have been specially and safely made with 7% strength. This means more effective, faster, and longer lasting results whicfh you will not find anywhere else.

    If your teeth are less than white then you need Ionic White!  Ionic White has been clinically proven to lift years of stain off your teeth, whitening your smile in just 21 minutes without costly dentist visits. 
    This is how it works: the Ionic White light activates the whitening gel, supercharging the whitening process to give you the whitest smile possible! The Ionic White system is perfect for everyone and is completely painless, without leaving your teeth aching or sensitive.

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